Code of Conduct

Putsch® Group Code of Conduct to fulfil due diligence in supply chains for intermediary suppliers and business partners

This Code of Conduct defines principles and requirements for intermediary suppliers and business partners of Putsch® Group companies in terms of their responsibility for people and the environment.
The intermediary supplier and/or business partner agrees to the following points:

Compliance with the law

  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of each applicable legal system is mandatory.

Human rights and labour practices

It must be guaranteed that with all internationally applicable human rights are respected. This applies in particular to respecting the human rights of vulnerable groups, such as women, children, migrant workers, (indigenous) communities and those of a different sexual orientation.

  • Prohibition against forced labour and child labour:

– There must be no use of slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour or human trafficking
– Workers who do not have a minimum age of 15 years must not be recruited or employed. In countries that fall under the developing country exemption under ILO Convention 138, the minimum age may be reduced to 14 years.
– Workers must not be employed for risky work who are below a minimum age of 18 years.

  • Equal treatment & respect towards employees:

– Every employee must be treated equally regardless of nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, social origin, political affiliation, any disability, gender or age.
– Respectful treatment and the strict prohibition of physical and mental hardship, sexual harassment and any behaviour harmful to employees must be guaranteed.

  • Health & safety of employees:

– Working conditions must be provided in accordance with legal and international standards relating to health and safety at work.
– The above must be complied with and monitored via a thorough health and safety management system.
– Employees must receive continuous training on health and safety at work.

  • Working hours, pay & benefits:

– The laws on working time regulations in force in each country must be complied with.
– Appropriate pay must be paid in compliance with all globally applicable regulations on pay and remuneration.
– The right of employees to form and join trade unions must be recognised. Employees must be treated equally regardless of their membership of trade unions or any workers’ organisation.

Environmental protection

– All business processes comply with international and legal standards for the environment.
– All company processes must be continuously improved to contribute to achieving the climate goals under the Paris Agreement on climate change.
– The above points must be monitored by establishing and implementing a thorough environmental management system.

Fair business practices

  • Anti-corruption & bribery:

– Any form of corruption and bribery, as well as direct or indirect participation in such behaviour, must not be tolerated and must be reported immediately.

  • Fair competition & intellectual property rights:

– All business activities are conducted exclusively in accordance with national and international competition laws.
– Forming cartels, price-fixing and market-fixing agreements are not tolerated.
– The intellectual property rights of other players on the market must be respected.

  • Money laundering & terrorist financing

– Money laundering and terrorist financing must not be facilitated, directly or indirectly.

  • Data protection:

– Personal data must be treated confidentially and responsibly in accordance with the data protection regulations in force in each country and may only be used for legitimate purposes.

  • Export control and customs:

– The applicable export control and customs regulations must be complied with.

Supply chain

  • Suppliers must be monitored appropriately to ensure compliance with the basic principles of the Putsch® Group Code of Conduct.
  • The principles of human rights and labour practices must be complied with when selecting suppliers and dealing with existing suppliers.

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