About us

Worldwide supplier of Twin Screw Presses

Stord International AS has build twin screw presses since 1925. We are a supplier worldwide of twin screw presses for a variety of industries, such as sugar beet pulp, sugar beet trash & weeds, chicory pulp, citrus pulp, starch residues, cotton seed residues, alginates, pectin, lucerne and other green leaf plants, fruit and fruit residues, potato starch by-products, pulp and paper sludge, soya residues and more.


Our research and design staff, project engineers and operators have a wide knowledge and experience of pressing processes and are always available for consultations, supervising and commisioning of new plants.

Gaselle-Business 2017

Stord International AS has been voted one of Norways most successful growing companies by the Norwegian Finance Magazine DN. 

The criterias to become a gaselle-business are:

  • doubled the income over the past 4 years
  • positive overall operating profit
  • avoided negative growth in the company
  • revenue of over 1M NOK first year in business